Below are the Workshops that Diane teaches with an introduction to what is covered and who these would be for. To veiw upcoming events, visit the events page. To find out more information about any of these or other opportunities, Diane can be contacted through the contact page.


Mother/Daughter Workshop

The mother/daughter relationship is the most powerful bond in the world. How a woman sees herself, deals with adult relationships and how she will mother her own children is all influenced by a woman’s relationship with her mother.

This two and a half hour workshop teaches mothers and daughters how to resolve conflict and reconnect this special relationship. Mothers and daughters also have the opportunity to participate in follow up events created especially for mothers and daughters.
(Recommended for girls in Years 7-10)

INVESTMENT: Mother/Daughter $55 (this covers entry for both mother and daughter, inc GST)


Father/Daughter Workshop

A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self esteem, self image, confidence and opinions of men. Research shows that daughters who have a good relationship with their father have fewer emotional and psychological problems.

In this two and half hour workshop Di gives fathers and daughters the skills needed to cultivate a trusting and secure relationship and teaches valuable conflict resolution skills that can be used in the home.

(Recommended for girls in years 7-10)

INVESTMENT: Father/Daughter $55 (this covers entry for both father and daughter, inc GST)


Beneath You’re Beautiful

Adults respond so much to what a little girl looks like that by the age of five or six young girls are getting the notion that their body is their selling point. A little girl’s image of herself is also shaped by what she sees around herself, by brand names in magazines and tv shows that focus on what women wear and how their bodies look rather than on what they can do.

In this one hour workshop, girls between the ages of 7 and 12 are taught to critique the messages around them. They are taught to accept each other’s differences and are given the skills to learn to love and accept themselves as uniquely beautiful individuals. This workshop has been written to coincide with the release of Di’s first children’s book also called Beneath You’re Beautiful.

(Recommended for girls aged 7-12)

INVESTMENT: Beneath You’re Beautiful $25 per student (inc GST)
SCHOOL PRICES: $550 (inc GST) for max 60 students


Loving My Reflection

In a world where our girls are bombarded with media messages about what makes a girl beautiful we have a generation of girls with low self esteem, depression and eating disorders and it is getting worse. Teens are already struggling with self esteem and body image as their body goes through puberty and the many changes that this brings with it.

In this workshop Di aims to raise awareness amongst teenage girls about their exposure to the negative messages around them and how to reshape their body image in a positive way.

(Recommended for girls aged 13-18)

INVESTMENT: Loving My Reflection $25 per student (inc GST)
SCHOOL PRICES: $550 (inc GST) for max 60 students


The Magic Coat

All children some time in their life will experience anxiety, loneliness and friendship issues. Di Wilcox uses the concept of a Magic Coat to teach children some skills and strategies to deal with these issues. It is a valuable workshop for parents to be part of so that the language is kept consistent within the home and Di will empower you with the strategies you can use as a parent to best support your child and build confidence and resilience

(This workshop is recommended for children and their parents
from Year 1-6 )

INVESTMENT: $55 for parent/child to attend + $25 for each aditional child (inc GST)