Seedlings is a social/emotional program that teaches children how to identify different feelings they experience and how to manage these effectively. We also teach children how to create and keep friendships, resolve conflict, deal with worry, live with gratitude etc. All modules are on the Seedlings website

There are two ways you can get involved in Seedlings. The first is by having a Seedlings Facilitator visit your school and run Seedlings Assemblies.

Each Seedlings Assembly will focus on a different topic that your whole school will learn about so that a common language is formed. Children are broken up in to Years 1- 3 and then Years 4-6 and the facilitator will present an interactive and fun powerpoint presentation that will have your children buzzing for a long time afterwards.

We recommend two to three assemblies per term for each school.

The second way you can get your children involved in Seedlings Club is by having your school run a Seedlings Club after school for an hour a week. A Seedlings Faciliator will come and teach your child one of the Seedlings modules and include role play, games and art/craft activities.

Please go to for more information or contact Di.


The Magic Coat

Whilst there are many issues affecting our children today there are two in particular that primary school aged children are struggling with and that is Dealing with Friendships and the other is anxiety.

Di was receiving emails on a regular basis from parents asking for help in dealing with these situations. As Di believes that a common understanding and language needs to be had between parent, child and the school she created The Magic Coat workshops.

These workshops use the analogy of A Magic Coat and teach children and their parents strategies they can use to help children make and keep friends, resolve conflict, learn to be on their own, deal with worry, sleep better at night.

The Dealing With Friendship workshop and the Anxiety workshop are two separate magic Coat workshops but parents are encouraged to enrol and attend both with their children as they are intrinsically linked. Each workshop is two hours long but very interactive with activities for the kids.

If you would like to host a workshop in your home or at your school please contact Di at


Cinderella Kids

Cinderella Kids is a charity that is aligned with The Make A Difference Foundation in Australia. Di Wilcox and Bruce Reynolds created Cinderella Kids to ;

1. Assist children from disadvantaged backgrounds to be able to attend their school graduation or ball.

2. To provide sick or disadvantaged children the opportunity to have a magical moment and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Some of these experiences include five star dinners, concerts, photoshoots, sporting events, meeting celebrities.

To find out more or how you can be part of this incredible charity please go to