My mum and dad yell at each other a lot and sometimes my dad swears. It makes me and my sister feel scared. What can we do?

– Dylan, Year 3

Dear Dylan,

Sometimes we all get angry even mums and dads. When we are angry we can yell, scream and say things that we don’t mean! It is scary to listen too and I think you should talk to mum and dad and tell them how their yelling makes you feel when they are feeling calm.

When any of us are angry we need to know that it is okay to be angry but it is not okay to be mean. We need to go and sit somewhere quietly until we calm down so that we can talk things through without hurting each other. Even adults need to learn this.

If mum and dad are yelling you and your sister can go somewhere safe and listen to music or do something that makes you feel better until mum and dad calm down. If the yelling happens everyday then you need to speak to a teacher you trust who can help you and find out a bit more about the problem. Never be afraid to ask for help. Help is always there when you need it.


Di x