Di’s passion and enthusiasm in helping children and young people to have positive self-esteem and awareness of social issues around them is
infectious. Children love her personality, her openness and the opportunities she presents to be open and yet unashamed of their own feelings, thoughts and opinions. Di is just the sort of person that any child (boy or girl) just makes an instant connection with and learns from in the same way that a sponge absorbs water. Our children at Talbot House Preparatory School, UK, loved Di that all they wanted to do after her sessions was to give her a hug for her openness and most probably would have invited her home, as a friend, for tea. For days and days afterwards they were still talking in the classroom and the playground about the strategies Di had taught them. Thanks Di for all your hard work and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you again!’

Mr Liam Morgan
Teacher Talbot House Preparatory School, UK

‘Di’s approach and manner with our students were excellent. Her poignant stories and advice resonated with the girls who were assured and uplifted by her positive message about body image. I would highly recommend Di Wilcox as an excellent role model and positive influence on young girls’.

Tracy Harris
Headteacher of Parkstone Grammar, UK

I recently attended several Di Wilcox workshops, in primary and secondary schools in Bournemouth, England, which had been arranged by Eduzine Global. The experience was truly amazing, thoroughly worthwhile and one I would recommend to everyone of any age, but in particular children and young adults.

Di, a former teacher herself, has an infectious, enthusiastic personality and a confident delivery style that sets her apart from other speakers. Furthermore, Di relays her own painful life experiences in an honest, open and age appropriate way, which draws in the audience, irrespective of their age. Di has a genuinely unique aura which captures the attention of all around, including even the most restless of children. Her overriding message is clear:

“Celebrate your own individuality. Be yourself and be confident and proud of who you are and how you look. Be positive about yourself, without being arrogant and treat others with the respect they deserve.”

The workshops include a number of short activities designed to fully engage the young audience. The workshops also end with big smiles and proud hearts, as they seek to focus on the positive personal traits to be celebrated and appreciated, individually and collectively.

Di’s message has a track record of success and is borne from the desire to reduce (indeed eliminate) health issues (e.g. anorexia & bulimia), self-loathing, self-harm and suicides among young people. Di outlines how mainstream media messages are promoting totally unrealistic expectations of young people. The images produced in the media are photo shopped, air-brushed and amended to the point that they bear no resemblance to the original image. Yet the media gives the impression that those artificial images are the expectations for young people. This is directly being linked to those health issues, self-harm and even suicide among children and young adults. Di’s workshops are attempting, moreover succeeding, in reversing that unacceptable trend.

In summary, Di Wilcox workshops are a must for every young person in the UK. The sooner these are introduced to schools and incorporated within the national curriculum, the better, as this will contribute significantly to reducing instances of anorexia, bulimia, bullying, self-harm and suicide. Listening to the children talk so positively about an educational workshop and hugging Di as they left the room at the end of each workshop was tear-jerking to say the least. I and all other adults and children I spoke with, was left in no doubt whatsoever that this Australian child resilience and body image expert, was absolutely the real deal and was truly making a difference to children’s lives.

A huge thank you to Di from all the team at Eduzine Global and from all those who had the pleasure to meet with Di during her UK visit.

We very much look forward to your next trip to the UK.

Gareth Jones
Media Director, Eduzine Global

There’s a reason Di was voted Australia’s most inspirational woman. Even after one conversation with her, you are left to feel capable of achieving amazing things. Di is a soulful, uplifting and dynamic speaker who’s vision toward changing the lives of young people is part of her daily mantra. A modern day change maker, Di has already inspired masses of people, and her workshops are a must for any family. She naturally and effortlessly brings the best out in people, and makes you truly understand that “beneath you’re beautiful”

Ana Marinovic

Thank you for coming Di. I loved your story and the things you had to say made me feel more confident about myself. So thank you again.

Chloe Spence (Year 8)

I just wanted to pass a huge thank you to you. My daughter Lili attended your session today at Sacred Heart and she has not stopped talking about how inspiring you are and how she had such a great day listening to you speak. She has taken so much from the day. Our girls really need more role models like yourself so once again thank you.

Nik Rodgers

Angels Goal Anti-Bullying Organisation is honoured to have Diane as an Ambassador for Angels Goal.

Diane was recommended by Charlotte Dawson who is also an Ambassador for Angels Goal. In her time at Angels Goal she has been a staunch advocate for our cause. Her integrity, honesty and enthusiasm cannot be faulted. Diane’s approach is what Angels Goal stands for and that is a hands on approach and it is the only way the message can be delivered persistently and clearly. Angels Goal’s key elements are to deliver social generational change and this will only be achieved through community involvement. This is a key program that encompasses schools, employers, community and sporting clubs. Bullying causes major mental health issues throughout Australia and Di’s involvement has been and is crucial to help deliver our message throughout Australia.

Reuben Cunningham
Angels Goal

I honestly believe that Ms Diane Wilcox has the biggest heart! The actions she takes to help young children is a testament to how she is making this world a better place. A beautiful soul!

Kim Lee – Curtin University

Di has been an inspiration to my son Francois especially during resilience programs that she has run through the school.

He has learnt to be more resilient and uses the techniques taught by her. She is truly a wonderful person with a great passion for teaching children.

Marinka Fouche

If we all had just a little bit of Di Wilcox in us our children would live in a better place, free of being judged for having different interests and able to live their dreams in the body they were born in.

Di has been able to help young girls realise how important it is to be a bit more compassionate to those around us, particularly when we don’t understand what is going on in someone else’s life.

I see the children adore Di’s caring nature. She significantly assisted my son when he was accelerated into a new class room for extension, helping him make new friends as his confidence grew.

Luisea Manea

Di Wilcox is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She gives so much of her time, and asks nothing in return.

She works tirelessly in the broader community with children of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, running workshops and giving lectures on issues that will affect everyone of us sometime in our lifetime. When our children are faced with these issues, such as bullying or self-worth they will have the tools and confidence to face them head on and to deal with the problems in a way that will result in a positive outcome and not the negative we so often see. It is a real relief to know that by the time my 7 year old daughter reaches high school, she will have the knowledge that is needed to deal with life as a teenager.

Diane has worked with my daughter throughout the year to help with her over sensitivity issues, as she has difficulties in controlling her emotions, with the simplest thing reducing her to tears. We have been trying to help her with this as well as her anxiety issues with little success for the last couple of years. However, six months with Di and she has improved immensely. Her self esteem and self confidence has soared and she is now better able to deal with problems without having a melt down.

Kirstine Vine